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Manufacturing and Industrial Systems

Industrial Strength Protection

Whether securing a manufacturing facility, a warehouse, or distribution center, the greatest challenges in industrial environments often lie in handling the hazards presented by rugged conditions. As goods are moved from place to place, often using heavy industrial equipment, materials can be damaged and employees can get hurt. Heavy machinery, mechanical equipment and industrial transportation all pose safety, fire and security risks that are simply not a concern in other commercial environments.

These tough conditions can also be hard on security and fire systems, demanding more resilient equipment that can withstand a certain amount of physical abuse and conditions like temperature and moisture extremes. IFSS appreciates the unique demands of industrial and manufacturing facilities and works to design and implement solutions that will perform and thrive in these tough conditions so that your security and fire protection are as dependable as your operation.

Commercial building with with silhouetteBuilding Management Systems

Protect Your Investments

Providing secure, safe buildings is an entry qualifier when it comes to competing in the commercial real estate business and successfully leasing your properties. In today’s economy, the buyer has abundant options, and expects security to be in place before even considering the building.

IFSS understands that security and fire systems in commercial buildings should protect the building owner’s property and assets as well as help differentiate the facility from others when it comes to appealing to tenants. All of these goals must be accomplished with an eye toward cost-effectiveness in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. IFSS has designed security and fire systems for everything from single-story facilities in strip malls to large, multi-story commercial office buildings, ensuring performance and cost-effectiveness for each one.

schoolEducation Systems

Zero Margin for Error

When it comes to security and fire safety in schools, there is zero margin for error. Kids’ health and safety is top-of-mind for everyone: administrators, parents, staff and the community. And yet with children constantly moving in and out, different visitors on site each day, and abundant fire hazards, schools are some of the most difficult environments to secure.

With extensive knowledge of school environments and fire safety regulations, IFSS is the ideal partner for schools seeking security and fire solutions that work, given their particular challenges, limitations and requirements. From intrusion alarms to video, access control and fire safety, IFSS provides a comprehensive array of solutions to meet schools’ needs.

HealthCare Systems

Preventative Approach to Fire and Security

Fraught with regulations, sensitivities and assets that are easily misused, managing security in healthcare requires the ultimate precision and dependability. HIPPA compliance, DEA regulations covering the storage and issuance of pharmaceuticals, and simply protecting the safety and privacy of patients, are all critical considerations when securing healthcare facilities.

At IFSS, our focus is always on securing the campus while simultaneously enabling easy entry/exit, managing efficient traffic flow and ensuring patient convenience. From using access control to track who entered what area when, to ensuring ongoing compliance with local fire codes, to implementing video solutions that are used to track operational efficiency as well as secure the building, IFSS helps healthcare facilities put the foundation in place to ensure safety and security, so that the staff’s focus can turn to helping patients get well.

Retail Systems

Securing Profitability

Maintaining an open, welcoming environment while simultaneously protecting assets and inventory from shoplifters, criminals and mal-intentioned employees makes retail loss prevention a tough job. IFSS has experience meeting these seemingly contradictory goals. From the front-end of retail stores to large distribution centers, IFSS secures retail spaces by combining best-of-breed tools for security and fire safety, and implementing those solutions in light of the customer’s objectives, environment and budgetary constraints. With careful planning and collaboration, IFSS is able to secure retail spaces, support the loss prevention team and help reduce shrink, all without compromising the customer experience.

Pharmaceutical Distribution Systems

When Precision Counts

The storage and handling of pharmaceuticals is perhaps one of the most closely-regulated and highly volatile businesses. Controlled substances must be verifiably managed and accounted for during every step of the process, from receipt at the warehouse to being dispensed to the patient at the pharmacy or hospital. Showing chain of custody requires precision security systems that are both dependable and easy to use, as information must be retrieved frequently from these systems. IFSS has designed, installed and implemented security systems that help pharmaceutical companies ensure compliance with DEA regulations, saving time, fines, and dangerous loss of potent drugs. IFSS knows DEA regulations, works within the customer’s environment and with their legacy systems to implement security systems that can account for every drug, every move, every time.